No antepenúltimo INVISÍVEL do ano, misturamos punk, sons eletrônicos, pós-punk e rock clássico. Homenageamos Pat DiNizio com três músicas dos Smithereens, lembramos que o Three Johns (lembra disso?) andaram voltando, tocamos uma antiguinha do The War On Drugs e ainda soltamos uma beeeem antiga do The Cure. E hoje às 23h estamos na Mutante Radio.

01 Smithereens – “Behind the wall of sleep”
02 The Three Johns – “Demon drink”
03 Deep Purple – “Anyone’s daughter”
04 Black Zone Myth Chant – “Under protest”
05 Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Sin in my heart”
06 The Godfathers – “If I only had time”
07 The Cure – “Subway song”
08 CCFX – “Venetian screens”
09 The War On Drugs – “Taking the farm”
10 Smithereens – “Blood and roses”
11 Sassy 009 – “Pretty baby”
12 Guadalcanal Diary – “Litany (Life goes on)”
13 Smithereens – “Yesterday girl”
14 Their / They’re / There – “Fit your life into a grid”
15 Big Moon – “Sucker”